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  • "Your next big break might be just ONE contact away" BE MORE

    GINGIO - Consulting and connecting music and entertainment industry professionals around the globe.

  • Our SERVICES include exclusive ONE on ONE music / entertainment industry consulting as well as artist management and a wide range of promotional services


    GINGIO features the largest database of international music industry contacts available in the market today: • Over 1000 directories • 4.2 million industry professionals worldwide • All aspects of the music and entertainment business • All genres


    "We exist to create unique experiences where passion and purpose come together". We organize small intimate networking events as well as large red carpet events in a number of exclusive locations around the globe.


    Beyoncé / Destiny's Child, Chaka Khan, Dariush, Dreamworks, Hard Rock Cafe', Ice-T, Interscope Records, Marco Beltrami, Michael Jackson, Pacha, Palace Hotels, Placido Domingo, Pro Sky AG, Queens of the Stone Age, SAE, Salma Hayek, Snoop Dogg, Sony Music, Taittinger Champagne, Warner Bros Records and Warp Records.

  • The GINGIO Luxury Collection is our NEW exclusive boutique corner where we offer a few unique items for sale. Sometimes a rare custom vintage guitar, mixer or recording studio. A car once owned by a star - a unique villa in Italy, Ibiza or St. Moritz. We move around the world constantly and are so fortunate to get to meet incredible people that may have that little "special thing" which we feel is precious. The GINGIO Luxury collection is the place where we keep and share it with only a few special friends and network. For information, please ask. We love a challenge. Nothing is too little or too big.