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This service is offered to artists, musicians, composers, engineers, producers, and entrepreneurs / businesses.

This package includes:

Collaboration: A month long full time consultation at the location of your choice

• Goals and objectives: We execute the plan to make your project successful

• Image: We guide you in reaching a unique image and outstanding presentation offline/online

For artists and bands, this includes determining the right style, songwriting and arrangement to the right musicians, engineers, mixers and producers. For companies, such as recording studios or record labels, this concept applies to location, building a studio, procuring equipment, drafting contracts, and much more.

We offer tips and provide connections to assist you in achieving your goals in music worldwide. We do this via personal industry contacts and professionally compiled directories and the use of social media.

We focus on such areas as product placement / integration and celebrity endorsements / promotions for artists and bands but also for any equipment / instrumental companies and more.

We provide high quality services, which include directing, producing, and consulting for live concert footage, music videos, etc.

• Contacts:
We personally introduce you to professionals ( via email, Skype or else ) and build custom tailored music industry directories.

All the tools provided by us is used together with a selection of the best contacts, who fit your real purposes and possibilities for success.

For more information about the PREMIUM package please contact us at